Importing and Executing a List of IExecutableCommands

11/11/2009 9:25 PM
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In order to import a list of commands, you need a reference to the Extension Service, and you will probably want a reference to the Logging Service as well, in case something goes wrong with the commands and you want to log the error.  Of course you also need to get a reference to the commands themselves.  Use an Import Attribute in a class that exports itself and is somehow already imported by SoapBox Core.  Here is an example:

[Import(SoapBox.Core.Services.Logging.LoggingService, typeof(ILoggingService))]
private ILoggingService logger { get; set; }

[Import(SoapBox.Core.Services.Host.ExtensionService, typeof(IExtensionService))]
private IExtensionService extensionService { get; set; }

            typeof(IExecutableCommand), AllowRecomposition=true)]
private IEnumerable<IExecutableCommand> commandsToExecute { get; set; }

private void ExecuteCommands()
    foreach(IExecutableCommand cmd in
        catch (Exception e)
            logger.Error("Exception while running command " + cmd.ID, e);

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